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Tilikum, The Orca That Killed Dawn Brancheau, Seaworld. Orlando, Florida, FL, USA. RIP.

Show Believe - SeaWorld - Orcas e Tilikum(Shamu)

Tilikum The Orca

Rose and Tillikum (her Orca friend)

SeaWorld Will Keep TILIKUM

Tillikum and Taima, Orca Whales, Swimming

Tilikum and the Binky Boy

Jean-Michel Cousteau's Statement on Captive Orcas & the Trainer Killed at Sea World

Tilikum orca MEP -only girl in the world

Michael Jackson - Tilikum & Lolita The Killer Whale

A Tribute to Tilikum The Orca

tilikum orca

Animals, Birds, Fish
Occupation/Relation: SeaWorld
Affiliation: Florida, Whales
Location: Florida
Visits   20
Tags: animals, birds, fish
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