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Chengannur - ചെങ്ങന്നൂര്‍

Chengannur THE GATEWAY OF SABARIMALA!, (Malayalam: ചെങ്ങന്നൂര്‍) is a municipal town in Alappuzha district of the state of Kerala in South India. Chengannur (also spelled Chenganoor, Chenganur, and Chengannoor) is located in the extreme eastern part of Alappuzha district.This town is one of the fastest developing town in kerala. It was a busy business town in the historical period. Many great historical events took place in this small beautiful place which is watered by sacred river "Pampa". It is a border to Pathanamthitta district. You can reach at this place by Road, Rail, and Water Transport systems.


It is 117 km north of the state capital Thiruvananthapuram on the MC Road. It is watered by the Pamba River. It borders Pathanamthitta district. The nearest towns are Pandalam on the south, Thiruvalla on the north, Mavelikkara on the west and Aranmula and Pathanamthitta on the east.


As of the 2001 India census, Chengannur had a population of 25,391. Males constitute 48% of the population and females 52%. Chengannur has an average literacy rate of 88%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with male literacy of 88% and female literacy of 88%. Nine percent of the population is under 6 years of age.


Chengannur assembly constituency is part of Mavelikkara (Lok Sabha constituency).


Nammalvar of the first millennium C.E., describes Chenkunrur or Chenganoor as a town where the smoke, emanating from the Vedic ritual yagna, fills the sky and as a place surrounded by rich lush vegetation (of bananas and coconuts). The name is derived from


Chengannur is famous for its Shiva temple Chengannur Mahadeva Kshetram, where thousands have darshan of aaratu festival of Goddess Parvati. Temple lore assumes it to be one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. Mahadevar Temple In Chengannur is one of the oldest and famous temple. It is a sprawling temple complex with a circular Sanctum. Lord Shiva and Parvathi Devi are the main investitures of this temple.This temple is also visited by the devotees of Lord Ayyappa during their yearly pilgrimage to Sabarimala. Chengannur is the nearest railway station to Sabarimala. Apart from Sabarimala, major and important temples like Chettikulangara temple, Aranmula temple, Pandalam Valiyakoyikkal temple are very near to Chengannur.
Official Website of Mahadeva Temple-Chengannur
Mahadeva Temple-Chengannur
Chengannur Mahadeva Temple
Official Website of Vandimala Devasthanam-Chengannur
Thrichittattu Mahavishnu Temple (established and worshipped by Yudhishtira)
Sasthamkulangara Narasimha Murthi Temple (The only Narasimha temple in Central Travancore with beautiful ancient wooden mural sculptures adorning the Srikovil)
Sharngakavu Devi Temple-Venmoney (famous for the Vishu Festival)
Gandharvamuttam Devi Temple - Mulakuzha
Kozhuvalloor Devi Temple (Famous for Kumbha Karthika Festival)
Kuthiravattom Shri Dharma Sastha Temple
Divya Jyothi Temple of Narayana Guru at Kozhuvalloor
Aranmula Parthsarathi Temple
Cheriyanadu Balasubrahmanya Temple (famous for Pallivilakku, Kaavadiyaattam & Shashtivratham)
Elanjimel Vallikkavu Devikshethram, Puthukkulangara temple
Othara (famous for Padayani) `
Azhakiyakavu Devi Kshethram
Neervilakom Ayyappa Temple (famous for Pallivilakku, Kaavadiyaattam, Velakakali & Ayyappan pattu)
Edanadu Mahadeva Kshethram
Puthancavu Devi Kshetram
Malakkara Vishnu Kshethram (anandashayanam)
Kotta Mahadeva temple (owned by Travancore Devaswom Board)
Puliyur Krishna temple (Famous pancha pandava temple)
Vandimala Devasthanam
Nellikkal Devi Temple
Edanadu Devi Temple
Pennukkara Devi Temple
Neduvaram kodu Mahadeva Temple
Alakkavu Devi Temple
Thiruvanvandoor gosala krishna temple
Sree Dharma Sastha Temple, Karakkad
Nediyathu Devi Temple, Karakkad
Pazhoor Devi Temple, Karakkad
Kannuvelikaavu sri krishna temple, mulakuzha
Chettikulangara temple (18 km from Chengannur). The "Kettukazcha" on "Bharani" day of the month of Kumbham attracts lot of people from the globe
Sree Kumara Mangalam Subrahmania Swamy Temple, Muthavazhy, famous for the presence of radioactive element iridium on its roof
Nikarumpuram Sreevalluvargiri Temple, Piralassery
Mahadeva Temple-Thiruvanvandoor
Areekkara Parayarukala Devi Kshethram (Famous for the Kettukashcha from eight kara)
Karakkad Sri Dharma Sastha Temple.
Kayippasseril Devi Temple Areekkara.
Pazhayattil Devi Temple, Perissery (Famous for Thiru Mudieduppu which occurs once in 6 years).
Thrikkayil Sri Mahavishnu Temple, Perissery.
Pazhayaar Sri Dharmasastha Temple, Perissery.
Peroorkulangara Sri Subramanya Swami Temple, Perissery.
Sri Mahaganapathy Temple, Puliyoor.


St Thomas Marthoma Church Puliyoor
St. Thomas Marthoma Church, Pennukkara
St. Thomas Marthoma Church, Mangalam
Moriya Marthoma Church, Kotta
St. Bursouma's Orthodox Syriyan Church, Attuva, Nooranad Village, Alappuzha District, Kerala
Puthencavu St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral
Thittamel Trinity Marthoma Church, Chengannur
St. Thomas Malankara Catholic Church, Chengannur
St. Thomas Evangelical Church, Chengannur
St. Thomas Evangelical Church, Puthencavu
Marthoma Mathilakam Assention Church, Puthencavu, has an assention home for poor children who are educated, clothed, well-fed and taken care of.
Pazhaya Suriyani Pally (Old Syrian Church) (established 1700 years ago)
St Ignatious Orthodox Cathedral
Bethel St. Gregorious Orthodox Church, Chengannur
Bethel Aramana (Malankara Orthodox Church)
The Pentecostal Mission Church (TPM)
St. George Orthodox Catholicate Simhasana church, Piralassery (Holy Relics of St. George kept here)
Salem Marthoma Church, Edanadu
St. Mary's Orthodox Valiya Palli, Perissery
St. Annies Church Ulunthy
St. Mary's Orthodox Church, Mulakuzha
Immanuel Marthoma Church, Kanjirathmood,Pennukara
St. Jude Malankara Catholic Church, Cheriyanad.(Famous with All communities of Sect.)

Places to see

♦ Paandavan Para, a rock collection where it is rumoured that the Paandavas stayed during their Vanvaas ♦ poomal chaal, which is going to be a tourist place. It is in ala gram panchayath. ♦ ooty, a place with a signature of nature, in mulakuzha panchayath.

Important Locations in Chengannur

This road will lead from Kallisery, Olivet Aramana Road or Thittamel Trinity Marthoma Church, Chengannur Govt Hospital Junction, ITI, Hatchery is a landmark place, Christian College Junction, Century Junct:, Mulakuzha and Karakad (M.C Road) and Areekara, Pennukara, Kozhuvalloor, Ala, Pandavanpara, Peringala are pocket areas .


Neervilakom is a very beautiful township situated 4 km East of Chengannur. The main attraction of this place is the ancient temple namely "Shree Dharma Shastha Temple".Lord Ayyappa is the main deity. Thousands of devotees from various places of Central Travancore worship here. It is a place where the beauty of nature and advancement of technology merge.


2 km East of Chengannur, situated along the southern bank of the river Pamba, is famous for religious Harmony. Metropolitan High School, Puthencavu has produced many stalwarts in many fields. Mahakavi Puthencavu Mathen Tharakan and his son Dr. K.M. Tharakan from this village has made memorable contributions to the Freedom Movement and the Malayalam language. It is on the way to Kozhencherry.

Puthencavu is a small settlement in Chengannur, Alappuzha District of Kerala. It is situated around 2 km from Arattupuzha and can be easily accessed from Chengannur and Arattupuzha. Puthencavu St Mary's Orthodox Church situated here is a major attraction. The village is famous for 'Samskrithy', a center for Indian performing arts.

Emmayavaramban Temple, Thrichittattu Vishnu Temple, Tiruppuliyur Maayappiraan Temple, Tiruvamundur Temple and St Mary's Knanaya Jacobite Syrian Church are the nearest places of worship Chengannur Railway Station and Cochin International Airport are the nearest railhead and airport.


Perissery is a residential village 1 km west of Chengannur Railway Station. The village is enriched with famous Pazhayattil Devi Temple having Thiru Mudieduppu once in 6 years. Sreenarayanapuram Thrikkayil Kshetra, Pazhayar Sree Dharma Sastha Kshetra, Peroorkulangara Sree Subramanya Swami Kshetra, Someswaram Siva temple are located in this village. St. Mary's church is located in Perissery east. Pandavan para, a cave where the Pandavas in mahabarata epic were supposed to have lived is very near this village.The old syrian church built in 65 AD is located here.


Mundankavu is located approximately 2 km from Chegannur Town, on the banks of river Pampa. In the old age, "Vanjipuzha Principality" Palace was here. (The palace is destroyed) Major attractions include many notable places of worship and buildings
Erapuzha Bridge, across Pamba river on MC road is one of the oldest narrow bridges.
Sree Vadasserrikavu Bhadra Kali Temple, is one of the oldest temples, established around 1150[citation needed]. Padayani festival going on in the months of March- April every year.
Thirchittattu Mahavishnu Temple

Legend has that the pandavas left on a pilgrimage, moved to south, and reached south Kerala in central travancore. They built Mahavishnu Temples in various places in the bank of holy river Pamba. Elder brother Yudhishtira (Dharma Puthrer) installed Vishnu at Thrichittattu, 1.5 km north from Chengannur Town in Chengannur -Pandanad- Parumala road.

Connected temples Bhima built Vishnu Temple Thripuliyoor, Arjuna built Krishna (Partha Saradhy) Temple at Thiru-Arunmula, Nakula Built Vishnu temple at Thiruvanvandoor and Sahadeva at Thrikudithanam
Kodayattukara Sreekrishna temple
Uliyanattussery lord Ayyappa temple (destroyed)
Two palliyodams-Mundankavu & Kodayattukara
Viswakarma Mahasaba head office
NSS taluk Union
Illams of Sabarimala Thanthries


Edanadu is a village situated on the bank of river Pampa. It is part of the Chengannur Municipality. Edanadu is an island that shares its border with the river Pampa on one side and with Varattar on all other sides. The place is located 3 km away from Chengannur and 10 km away from Aranmula, the land of God Krishna. Edanadu is situated in the extreme eastern part of Alappuzha district. It is the geographical border of Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta district. It shares its border with Othara, Arattupuzha, Puthankavu, Koipram and Mangalam villages.

for more details about edanad please visit www.edanad.net


Mulakuzha panchayat is situated around 5 km from Chengannur on the MC Road. It is blessed with beautiful nature. It borders on Pathanamthitta district.

The famous "Century Hospital" is in this panchayat. It is the biggest corporate hospital in Central Kerala, and is owned by Central Travancore Specialists Hospital Ltd.

Other attractions include "Mulakuzha Gandharvamuttam Devi temple" which is famous for legends besides 'Juma Masjid'. St. George orthodox chatholicate simhasana church piralassery, St. Thomas Marthoma Church and St Mary's Orthodox Church are famous pilgrim centres. ,Temples, mosques and churches are situated nearby showing brotherhood among all communities.

In this panchayat, there is a wide and beautiful place named "Areekara". This place is famous for ‘Kettu kazhcha’ and ‘ponkala maholtsavam’ in Areekkara Parayarukala Devi temple and some other traditional things. The temple is just 1.3km away from Mulakuzha junction. The famous ♠Kochukaleekal♠ Family is in this place, where the great “Yugapurushan” (Sree Narayan Gurudevan) came and stayed here, and make a dumb person to speak with his blessings. His name was Mathew.(In malayalam, there is a saying - “Mookane[Mathaye] Vaachalanaakki”).Kochukaleekal is the symbol of identity for this place. Kochukaleekal is situated just 1.5 km away from Mulakuzha junction.

Important educational institutions are MMARS, GVHSS Mulakuzha, St. Gregorios Public School. It borders Pathanamthitta district.

A famous tourist place named "Ooty" [mulakuzha ooty], "natures creativity" is in this place. just 1.5 km away from Gadharvamuttam temple. Totally a " Gods Own Village"....!!


Kozhuvalloor is a village in Mulakkuzha panchayat. It is the site of Kozhuvallor Devi Temple and Kuthiravattom Ayyappa Temple, which are famous for their legends. Kozhuvalloor Devi Temple's "Kettukazha" during the Kumbha Kaarthika festival is very famous. The "Changappadam Chal" separates Mulakkuzha Panchayat and Venmony Panchayat on the south side. Divya Jyothi Sree Narayana Guru temple is a pilgrim centre. The famous Bible school is also in this village.


Cheriyanad (Malayalam: ചെറിയനാട്) is a village situated 8 km south-west of Chengannur on the northern shores of Achankovil River. It comes under Chengannur taluk. It has situated 8 km equidistant from Mavelikkara and Chengannur on Kozhencherry-Mavelikkara Road.

Cheriyanad is India's first Litigation-controlled cum 100% legally literate grama panchayat.

"The little hamlet of Cheriyanad, not far from the busy Chengannur town on the border of Alappuzha district, was on Saturday declared the country’s first litigation-controlled and legally-literate grama panchayat. -The Hindu"

Cheriyanadu is famous for the pallivilakku maholsavam in Sree Subahmanya Swami Kshethram..


Puliyoor is located 4 kilometres away from Chengannur and falls under Chengannur taluk. Puliyoor is the home of the Pancha Pandava or Panchamballam; a series of five temples situated at near, but disjointed geographical location. A pilgrimage path covering all five temples in a day is considered auspicious by the devotees. Among the five temples, a considerable majority of devotees considers Puliyoor temple more prominent and auspicious. The annual festivities of Puliyoor temple, which last for 10 consecutive days draws a sizable crowd and the Makara Thiruvathira aarattu held in conjunction with the festival also enjoys good participation from the local natives in and around Chengannur. Puliyoor is also abode of other places of worship including the Mahaganapthy temple, Malankara Catholic Church, St Mary's Orthodox Church, St. George's Orthodox Church and St. Thomas's Marthoma Church. Puliyoor Orthodox Church serves as one of the refreshment points for the annual pilgrims to Parumala church. The 10-acre (40,000 m2) Thamara Chaal (Lotus Lake) is also located here.

Prominent families- Nilackal,Melotill, Kattilparampil, Kunnil, Paramalayil, Unethu, Parayil, kurikkattil ,Thondalil ,vettikattu


Pennukkara is a small village, 5 km away from Chengannur. It is under Ala village, situated between Mulakkuzha and Kodukulanji. Pennukkara is famous for its greenery, mainly its lagoons, pond and a lake (Poomala Chal).

Poomala Chaal

Poomala Chaal is a very scenic and sere location where there is a natural lotus lake formation, hardly 3 km from Chengannur. Being more into a countryside like area, it is untouched by the fast pace of life of the modern day. Vattamala thottam is at bank of it. Prominent families are Anathattu, Ebenezer (Eng. T M George), Thundiyil (Fr. Abraham) etc.

Poomala Chaal has Thinkalamattom as one of its boundaries. The famous Pilgrim Ceneter, Malayil Palli (An ancient church founded by St. Gregorios of Parumala) is also siutated at Thinkalamattom. This is also developing, peaceful and calm area, being the first choice to live for lots of NRIs and Retirees and this is one of the densely populated areas in Alleppy district.

Pandanad Muthavazhy

Pandanad panchayath belongs to chengannur Taluk and just 3 kilometres away from the town. Muthavazhy is extreme east of pandanad, at the southern bank of holi Pampa River. Muthavazhy is famous with its palliyodam and kumaramangalam shree subrahmanya swamy temple, which is very peculiar with its construction, which cannot be seen at any other temples of same era. Muthavazy palliyodam is also very ancient which can accommodate 65 to 80 people at a time.


College of Engineering Chengannur
Mount Zion College of Engineering for women
St.Thomas College of Engineering And Technology,Venmoney
Christian College, Chengannur
Sree Narayana College Chengannur
Sree Ayyappa College, Eramallikara
Sree Ayyappa College Thiruvanvandoor
Sree Buddha College of Engineering, Pattoor


Mathews Mar Athanasius Residential School, Chengannur
A.M.M Higher Secondary School, Edayaranmula
St. Gregorios School Senior Secondary School, Chengannur
High School Kallissery
Metropolitan High School Puthencavu
Ebenezer EM High School, Kallissery
Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Chengannur
Government Boys School
Government Girls School
St Anne's School
Thalapanagad LP School (also known as Madathilparampil School)
St. George Public School Kozhuvalloor
St Mary's Residential Mulakkuzha
Devaswom Board High School, Cheriyanad
Devaswom Board Higher Secondary School, Cheriyanad
Srivijayeshwari High School, Cheriyanad
St Bursouma's Public School & Junior College, Ayranikudy, Pandalam
St Judes UP School, Venmoney
Government High School, Puliyoor
Snehagiri UP School, Puliyoor
Government Primary School, Thonakadu
Mar Philexinos U P School, Puthencavu
G M P Kindergarten School, Puthencavu
C M S U P School, Kodukulanji
John Memorial High School, Kodukulanji
Christ Church Vidyapeeth, Kodukulanji
Mar Pilexinos L P School, Neervilakom
N S S High School, Edanadu
Government U.P.S Perissery
GHS Thiruvavandoor
Sree Hariharasutha Vilasom (S.H.V) High School, Karakkad
Government L.P School, Karakkad
St Joseph English medium school, Cheriyanadu (I.C.S.E.)
L P School piralassery (ESTD 1889)
E.A.L.P School Angadical
Government High School, Mulakuzha
Government Higher Secondary School, Angadical South
Swami Vivekananda High School Pandanad (SVHS)

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chengannur]More >>[/url]

Source : Wikipedia.org

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