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  • DAN Divers Alert Network : Membership : TravelAssist

    MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation Covers up to a maximum of $100,000 per person (if a Family Membership) for an emergency evacuation, or medically necessary ...
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  • medevac definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta

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    MEDEVAC. MEDICAL EVACUATION REQUEST (also called a 9-Liner) Para 1: Location of pickup site (grid coordinates) Para 2: call sign, suffix and radio freq of troops at pick ...
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    CHAPTER 3 SETUP AND CONTROL OF MEDICAL EVACUATION (MEDEVAC) Medical evacuation responsibilities shared by and casualty care are everyone involved with command and control activities.
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  • Defense.gov News Article: All-female Medical Evacuation Crew Makes ...

    Army Chief Warrant Officer Andrea Galatian, a pilot in C Company, 3-238th Medevac ... Galatian is part of the company's first all-female medical evacuation crew. U.S. Army photo by ...
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  • PowerPoint Presentation

    task: request medical evacuation . task # - 081- 831 - 0101 ? ref: fm 8 - 10 - 6 medical evacuation in a theater of operations manual
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  • Articles about Medevac - Baltimore Sun

    Playing political football with the state's medical-evacuation helicopter fleet runs the risk ... He has no one to blame but himself for this medevac madness.Mr. Schaefer had a ...
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  • Medevac - Poem | VietnamWar.govt.nz, New Zealand and the Vietnam War

    Medical evacuation of wounded was carried out by helicopter. These were called "Dust Off" operations. While the wounded were being attended to other troops were securing the area ...
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  • Global Air Evacuation Network - Emergency Medevac Travel Insurance ...

    Buy prepaid air evacuation and international air rescue ... Emergency travel insurance including medevac and airlift flight ambulance services. International medical services and ...
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  • Evacuation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), evacuating a patient by plane or helicopter; Evacuation (TV series), a children's show in the UK; Evacuations of civilians in Britain during World War II
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  • How to Purchase Medevac Travel Insurance | eHow.com

    Medevac insurance coverage provides coverage for emergency situations on foreign soil ... or warnings, note how long the company has been operating as an emergency medical evacuation ...
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  • Transportation Soldiers train on Medevac

    FORT HOOD, Texas ? When Soldiers are critically wounded on the battlefield, they often depend on medical evacuation, or medevac, helicopters to get them to treatment as fast as ...
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  • FB 40-3

    This regulation establishes procedures for requesting helicopter medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) from Fort Bliss ranges. 2. EXPLANATION OF ABBREVIATIONS.
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  • Med Evac Annual - Annual Medical Evacuation

    Emergency Evacuation : Plan Description: Travel Guard MedEvac program provides worldwide travel medical evacuation that will transport travelers home or to the hospital of their ...
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  • In Pictures: MEDEVAC missions in Afghanistan - The Long War Journal

    At Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, more than 90 percent of the Medical Evacuation, or MEDEVAC, missions are to help Afghans, both local nationals as well as Afghan National Army ...
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  • Rotor & Wing Magazine :: Modern Medevac Mobilized

    For combat wounded and civil disaster victims, speed really is life. The U.S. Army's UH-60Q and HH-60L medical evacuation helicopters blend the fast, long-ranged Sikorsky Black ...
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  • NEWS

    MEDEVAC OF PATIENT FROM MERCHANT VESSEL TIGER SPIRIT - 01 MAY 2006 ... Haldia from M/s Bengal Tiger line India Pvt.Ltd., Kolkata for Medical evacuation of ...
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  • MEDEVAC | BookRags.com

    Not What You Meant? There are 2 definitions for Medivac. ... In Australian military terminology, a medevac refers to the evacuation of an entire section for medical reasons while a ...
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  • Medevac | Airline Industry Glossary of Terms | Aviation Terminology ...

    Medevac. Medical Evacuation. Medevac is a service that requires FAA registration to meet certain safety standards. Air Charter Glossary Terms
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  • medevac - Wiktionary

    Blend of medical and evacuation Alternative ... medevac (plural medevacs) The emergency transportation, usually by air, of patients to a medical facility.
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Affiliation: US Military, Injured Soldiers
Location: USA
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Tags: military
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