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  • birth anniversary of ayyankali

    3 Sep 2009 by Kerala News
    thiruvananthapuram: the 147th birth anniversary of sree ayyankali was celebrated on thursday. at a function held at the sree ayyankali square at vellayambalam, floral tributes were paid to the dalit leader by his grandchildren. ...
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  • ayyankali- the harijan leader of kerala (28-08-1863 to 18-06-1941)

    18 Jun 2009 by editor
    ayyankali was born kali to ayyan and mala of vanganoor, 13 km north of thiruvananthapuram in travancore, on 28 august 1863 as one of their seven children in the pulaya caste. later he came to be called ayyankali. ...
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  • Ayyankali: Legacy Of Organic Protest By Muhammed Nafih

    3 Nov 2008
    The spirit of Ayyankali's spontaneous revolt was his bold attempt to lay claim for, or to make a forceful entry into, the public space which he believed will enable the oppressed people to brave all forms of oppressions and brutalities. ...
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  • Ayyankali « Meena Kandasamy

    6 Apr 2008 by Meena Kandasamy
    The more recent one (published in Jan 2008) is a biography of Ayyankali, in which I am the second author. The first author, M. Nisar is teaching history in the Maldives, and this book grew out of his M.Phil thesis submitted to the ...
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  • ayyankali & the missing chapters in kerala history

    26 Feb 2008 by chespeak
    ayyankali, the legendary dalit fighter from kerala, seems to be caught in a trap of history: on the one side his name is evoked by left-wing extremists who have christened themselves as the ayayankali pada, or the fighters of ayyankali, ...
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  • know about ayyankali guru he was born on 28 august 1863 in ...

    26 May 2009 by AYYANKALI'S FOLLOWERS
    ayyankali grew up to be a tall, well built and handsome young man. he was known for his physical prowess and proficiency in the martial arts.one particular child hood incident made ayyankali aware of the caste prejudices prevalent in ...
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  • The life and times of Pulayas of Travancore 1850

    4 Nov 2009 by DR YES
    A Statue of Ayyankali was influential in the upliftment of this downtrodden group. The followers of Ayyankali have an organization called Kerala Pulaya Maha Sabha (KPMS). In his journal on Dec 5, 1850, George Matthan wrote: ...
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  • Mamata Banrejee Lands in Matua MAHASANGH as Matua religion is ...

    18 Oct 2009
    The English book, Ayyankali: A Dalit Leader of Organic Protest, reveals that its authors, M. Nisar and Meena Kandasami, are noted Dalit writers. Even though the book is small in size its contents are rich, valuable and helpful to get a ...
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  • the legendary dalit revolutionary ayyankali

    25 Apr 2008 by Saint
    ayyankali, the great revolutionary of kerala. history missing chapter in history of universal schooling the centenary of admitting dalit children into public schools in kerala is an opportunity to remember ayyankali, whose leadership of ...
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  • World Prout Assembly: Missing chapter in history of universal ...

    1 Mar 2008
    The centenary of admitting Dalit children into public schools in Kerala is an opportunity to remember Ayyankali, whose leadership of the movement isn't part of mainstream history. A proper retelling of this history is now the ...
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  • second anniverssary of the chengara land struggle: a photo essay

    4 Aug 2009 by Rajeesh Kollakkandi
    the sadhu jana vimochana samyuktha vedi (sjvsv), the collective that leads the struggle, has opted for the land take-over as strategy remembering the tradition of the great leader ayyankali, the militant dalit leader whose mission was ...
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  • tributes paid to ayyankali

    1 Sep 2001 by ImAgEs
    family members and various social and cultural organisations paid tributes to the social reformer ayyankali on his 139th birth anniversary here today.mr. kodikunnil suresh, mp, after garlanding the statue of ayyankali at vellayambalam, ...
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  • ayyankali pada attack in kerala

    2 Jul 2008 by AP
    local news medias reported that a small group of ayyankalipada activists attacked a supermarket in kerala and they disappeared before police came. as per eyewitness the activists were shouting 'ayyankalipada zindabad'naxal bari ...
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  • mahatma ayyankali's birthday

    18 Sep 2008 by Soundaraj
    kpms kundara area union celebrated mahtam ayyankali's birth day.
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  • ayyankali

    6 Jan 2007 by vadakkeveedan
    ayyankali was one of the greatest freedom fighters of kerala.but he mainly foccused the independance of dalits .he gave first preference to education of dalits.he was born in venganoor,thiruvananthapuram. during his life time(1863-1941) ...
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  • What Is DHRM and Why Do They Kill

    27 Sep 2009 by Brown Country
    Police officials hint many leaders of the notorious Ayyankali Pada (the organization that attacked some government offices in Ernakulam and damaged computers and torched the files a few years back) migrated to DHRM once the government ...
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  • Kerala: The lost slogan: India Today - Latest Breaking News from ...

    22 Oct 2009
    It was Ayyankali, a 19th century Dalit social reformer, who inspired Kerala Dalits, much like B.R. Ambedkar had done elsewhere in the country. The Dalits' biggest grouse against the Left was about its proudest achievement, ...
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  • 14 feb 2008 the hindu online edition of india's national newspaper ...

    14 Feb 2008 by ImAgEs
    kochi: a meeting to observe the centenary of the protest for liberation of the downtrodden and farm revolution led by ayyankali will be held at marine drive on thursday. the meeting, being organised by kerala pulayar maha sabha (kpms), ...
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  • The struggle to annihilate caste - Meena Kandasamy's Interview

    12 Oct 2009 by Sunderapandyan
    This year, a biography of Kerala's Dalit revolutionary leader Ayyankali was released. Would you believe it if I said that he pioneered the first workers' strike in the history? Ayyankali was a civil rights' champion, he established the ...
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  • Song of the waves - Parayil A. Tharakan Blog: Onam: Some ...

    24 Aug 2009 by Abraham Tharakan
    Even the struggles of reformers like the great Ayyankali could bear fruit partly due to the support of the Maharajah. Don't underestimate the pressure the Maharajah might had to withstand from the higher castes while nominating ...
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